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Electroless Nickel

Electroless nickel plating deposits a uniform coating of nickel and phosphorous that is chemically reduced onto a metal substrate. The dense coating reduces corrosion and wear.

Poly Coatings is a mid-phosphorous electroless nickel shop, which offers a greater range of flexibility to meet the thickness and hardness needs of clients.

Thickness: The thickness ranges generally from 0.000050 to 0.005 inch per surface.

Hardness: The normal hardness is RC 50-52 or 500 VHN. Electroless nickel can be heat treated to RC 68-70 or 1000 VHN.

Coating Uniformity: Electroless nickel is uniformly distributed over the entire surface including internal and external areas.

Appearance: The surface finish of the basis material affects the appearance. Bright surfaces remain bright and matte finishes remain matte.

Stripping: Electroless nickel can be chemically stripped from the basis material.

Cleaning: Polishing paste, Scotch Brite pad, brass or a stainless steel brush can be used to mechanically clean the coating. Most types of solvents and alkaline material can be used to chemically clean the coating.

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