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Poly Ond®

Poly-Ond is electroless nickel (nickel phosphorous) impregnated with Teflon throughout the entire coating.

The image above is a photo enlargement cross section of Poly-Ond that shows the infusion of high-lubricity polymers throughout the thickness of the coating. What you’re looking at is the tip of a ballpoint pen magnified 800 times. The cross section shows a 5-micron deposition of Poly-Ond, and the white material you see encapsulated throughout the coating is Teflon.

What are the benefits of using Poly-Ond?

Similar to electroless nickel coatings, Poly-Ond offers superior wear resistance and corrosion protection. The key difference; however, comes from the added Teflon, which offers superior lubricity and release.

Poly-Ond Features

Thickness: The standard thickness is 0.0005 inch. The overall thickness range is from 0.000050 to 0.005 inch per surface.

Hardness: The normal hardness is RC 58-60 or 700 VHN. The Poly-Ond finish can be heat treated to RC 68-70 or 1000 VHN.

Coating Uniformity: The Poly-Ond coating is uniformly distributed over the entire surface including internal and external areas.

Appearance: The coating ranges from bright to semi-bright to a matte finish depending on the finish of the basis material before coating. The color is similar to stainless steel.

Stripping: Poly-Ond can be chemically stripped from the basis material.

Cleaning: The coating should be mechanically cleaned. Polishing paste, Scotch-BriteTM pad, brass or a stainless steel brush can be used. DO NOT USE blasting media or strong alkaline material.

Poly-Ond Specifications

  • Coefficient of friction under 200 pound kinetic load: 0.06
  • Salt spray resistance in salt fog (per ASTM-B-17 test): 300+ hours
  • Continuous operation temperature range is from -65 F to +550 F (intermittent to +700 F)

Temperature Versus Hardness


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