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Product Information

Safe-T-Plex 519 RV Roof Coating

Safe-T-Plex 520 Elastomeric Roof Coating

Tape Kote Roof Seam Tape

Safe-T-Plex Deep Pile Rollers

Neverox Anti Rust Conversion Emulsion

NoZorb Invisible Waterproofing Solution

Barrier Pro Vapour Barrier

Barrier Pro 521 Acid Resistant Coating

Safe-T-Kote Hand Cleaner

Stop Leaks and Save Refrigeration Fuel Cost!

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The Safe-T-Plex system is a combination of a single part, acrylic, elastomeric, reflective roof coating and a woven polymer backed roof seam tape possessing incredible adhesive and waterproofing qualities.  The coating forms a tough, resilient membrane over aluminum, steel, sheet rubber, Kemlite®, fiberglass and plywood. By reflecting 84% of heat from the sun, Safe-T-Plex has been proven to reduce reefer fuel costs by 27%. Because Safe-T-Plex is made from only the highest quality, 100% acrylic resin, it can be used on flat roof surfaces. Safe-T-Plex will never dry out, chalk, or crack. The system is resistant to impact,  temperature extremes, and the effects of intense sunlight.

Safe-T-Plex has a 20 year track record in the RV market. The ability of Safe-T-Plex to endure the constant expansion, contraction and water ponding issues associated with these roof structures made Safe-T-Plex a natural choice for freight trailer roof protection. The product offers superior durability, reduced cooling costs, as well as superior adhesion to a wide variety of roof surfaces. Most notable is the material’s ability to withstand constant movement without cracking.

Lasts up to 20 years or more without need for re-application. That saves you money, while protecting your roof from road and weather damage over the long term.

All surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or dirt. High pressure water washing is recommended. Any existing roof coating must be checked for good adhesion. Loosely adhered roof coating must be removed. Remove all traces of silicone sealant. Shiny fiberglass surfaces should be sanded to remove gloss, and wiped clean.

Apply tape to all seams, making sure to cover rivets completely. Peel an inch or so of the liner from the tape and apply it at the starting point.
Gradually pull the liner from under the tape as you press it down, so that the adhesive surface does not come in contact with itself or unintended surfaces.

applying tape 1
applying tape 2
1. Peel back about 2" of clear plastic liner
and press down at the starting point.
2. Pull out clear plastic liner from beneath
and press down as you go

Safe-T-Plex® is ready to use. Thinning is not required or recommended. Safe-T-Plex must not be applied below 10°C (50°F), or if frost or rain is anticipated within 12 hours after application. Safe-T-Plex is a "coating" not a "paint" and therefore must be applied liberally.

Apply using Safe-T-Plex roller, in two coats, allowing approx. 3 hours cure time between coats. Make sure all the tape is well coated.  Safe-T-Plex will be completely cured over night and will be ready for years of trouble-free protection.

If these products are applied properly, you can expect to have a maintenance free trailer roof for at least 20 years.

Our Safe-T-Plex/ Tape-Kote System is guaranteed against leaks for 10 years if applied according to our instructions.

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tape-kote roll

Tape-Kote  Roof Seal Tape
Peel & Stick. Incredible adhesion to all roof surfaces. Waterproofs joints, seams around roof vents, breather pipes and air conditioners. Woven cloth backing assures permanent bond with Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating. Seals leaks for good!

4" X 50 foot rolls...........$52.45 SALE PRICE $47.33


Safe-T-Plex Elastomeric Roof Coating #519
100% acrylic, elastomeric coating stays permanently flexible.
Withstands vehicle movement, expansion & contraction, intense uv rays, extreme temperatures. Covers 50 square feet per gallon in two coats.

1 gallon (3.78L) pails.......$44.95 each SALE PRICE $38.20
5 gallon (18.9L) pails.......$175.00 each SALE PRICE $148.75

Safe-T-Plex Roller Safe-T-Plex Roller

Deep pile, fleece roller designed to spread Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating to proper thickness.

240 mm (9.5") fits standard roller frames......$4.75 each SALE PRICE $4.15

Prices are net, FOB our warehouses - Atlanta, Georgia or Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Applicable taxes extra. Volume discounts available.


“Since applying Safe-T-Plex to my trailer roof, my monthly fuel cost to run the reefer unit dropped from $825 to $605, during the hottest month.” Philip Hreha, Plainview TX

“Our trailers are leak-free since applying Safe-T-Plex. It is still working well where all others have failed”                 
Ian Kijewski, Kriska Transportation, Prescott, ON

We were having daily reports of trailers with roof leaks, but since we started using Safe-T-Plex we have reduced the number of cargo claims due to water damage by 75%.”
Chase Adkins, Shop and Maintenance Director, Sharp Transport, Inc., Ethridge, TN


Safe-T-Plex Roof Coating is guaranteed to protect against leaks for a period of 10 years from the date of application, provided that  all seams are taped with our Tape-Kote Seal Tape and the coating is applied according to our instructions, in two coats. If the coating does not perform as stated during the guarantee period, Brentwood Polymer Coatings Inc. will provide the original purchaser with replacement coating to repair the affected part of the coating. Brentwood Polymer Coatings Inc. accepts no responsibility for any applicators inability to detect and properly seal leaks. In order to ensure good adhesion and leak protection, proper surface preparation and coating methods must be used, and these are the sole responsibility of the applicator. If the coating does not perform as stated during the guarantee period, Brentwood Polymer Coatings Inc. will provide the original purchaser with replacement coating to repair the affected part of the coating. Failures due to acts of God, fire, structural defects, mechanical damage, intentional or accidental, are excluded from this guarantee. Brentwood Polymer Coatings Inc. is not responsible for any labour, property or other consequential damages or costs incurred in the original or any replacement application. Except as stated above, we make no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, and none should be inferred.

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